Payment Methods for elonhouseware Security Products

At elonhouseware, we offer convenient payment methods for your security product purchases. You can use PayPal or credit and debit cards for your transactions, and there’s no need to log into your PayPal account if you prefer using cards.

PayPal PayPal is accepted in 202 countries, across 25 currencies, and supports four major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Amex), and Discover.

About Foreign/International Transaction Fees Occasionally, you might notice an additional charge on your credit card statement referred to as a Foreign Transaction Fee or International Transaction Fee. This fee is levied by your credit card issuing bank and is determined by the terms outlined in your credit card agreement. Please be aware that elonhouseware is not responsible for this fee.

To learn more about international transaction fees and how they pertain to your situation, we recommend reviewing the terms of your credit card or reaching out to your credit card issuing bank.

Common Reasons for Payment Issues If you encounter payment problems, there are eight common causes that may be responsible. Below are the solutions for each issue. Should you still experience payment difficulties, feel free to contact our elonhouseware support team. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you and will respond promptly.

Cause 1: You may have exceeded your credit card’s maximum spending limit inadvertently. Solution: Check the maximum spending limit for your credit card with your issuing bank.

Cause 2: The credit card number provided is invalid. Solution: Double-check the credit card information you entered for accuracy.

Cause 3: The credit card provided has expired or lacks sufficient funds. Solution: If this is the case, please contact your bank for assistance.

Cause 4: The payment has been declined by your credit card issuer. Solution: Reach out to your credit card issuer for guidance.

Cause 5: The credit card provided has not been approved for recurring payments. Solution: Contact your bank or credit card company for details on why the payment failed and update your payment method accordingly.

Cause 6: Your account may have been mistakenly flagged as spam or fraud by your credit card issuer. Solution: Contact your bank to rectify this situation.

Cause 7: The card issuer might identify a charge that doesn’t align with your typical spending patterns and block the transaction as a protective measure. Solution: Contact your issuing bank to resolve this issue.

Cause 8: Some credit cards impose limits on the maximum amount that can be withdrawn in a single transaction. If you’re purchasing multiple products at once, this could result in a payment failure. Solution: In such cases, you can contact our Sales Manager via email to receive different links for separate payments for your desired products.

If you encounter any issues related to PayPal, please reach out to the PayPal support team for assistance.