1. Confirmation and acceptance of terms of service
Confirmation and Acceptance of Terms of Service The ownership and operation rights of registered users belong to “Yunlian (UK) Technology Co., Ltd.” The services provided must be strictly implemented in accordance with its published service agreement, service terms, and operating rules. This also means that the user has reached an agreement with “elonhouseware” and accepted all its terms of service.

2. Provision of service information
“petdofun” uses its own information and service platform to provide international purchasing services to global users through the Internet. The recipient information provided by the user must be detailed, accurate, true, valid, and consistent with the user’s personal email address. Once the information changes, the updated information needs to be submitted to “elonhouseware” customer service. If the information provided by users is inaccurate and untrue, effective services cannot be provided. In addition, the platform has the right to unilaterally terminate the user’s service rights.

3. User information protection rules
Respecting user privacy is one of the basic rules of “elonhouseware”. Therefore, we will not disclose, modify or share users’ personal information to third parties and save it in the “elonhouseware” registered user service file. We may share it with third parties unless permitted by law or requested by the user themselves.

4. Terms of Service Rights
“elonhouseware” reserves the right to modify or interrupt services at any time without notifying users and without asserting rights against users or any third party.

5. User account/password security maintenance
Once you register on this website, you will have a membership account, which is your username. If your username contains illegal or sensitive words, elonhouseware has the right to modify your username. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your account or password. Therefore, please keep your account username and password safe and do not share them with any third party. Otherwise, you shall bear all legal consequences arising therefrom. If you realize that your password may have been compromised, change it as soon as possible. You can visit “My” at any time and click “Profile” to modify your password or information. Or you can terminate your old account and register a new one. But please be sure to notify our customer service so that we can transfer your old account balance to your new account.

6. User management
Users will be solely responsible for the information posted. Users must comply with all applicable local, state and international legal standards. Users must follow:

⑴ When publishing any information, you must comply with relevant British laws and regulations.
⑵ Registered users are not allowed to engage in illegal activities on the Internet.

⑶ Do not interfere with or destroy network services.
⑷ Comply with all network protocols, rules, regulations and procedures for using online registered user services. It is the user’s responsibility to register for service events through “elonhouseware”. If a user spreads or disseminates reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national laws in the “elonhouseware” registered user service, we will mark it as possible evidence of illegal behavior in the system records and submit it to the relevant departments. At the same time, these messages are deleted immediately and simultaneously without notifying the user.
7. Limited liability
“elonhouseware” hereby reserves the right to pursue compensation for any direct, indirect, incidental, special use of network membership services or any illegal use of network membership that damages or causes damage to the image and reputation of “elonhouseware”.

8. User email information protection
The email information provided by the user is protected by the platform, and elonhouseware promises to only use the user’s email information based on actual needs during the service process. The platform will not disclose, sell, or use user email information for any improper reasons. Any consequences such as information leakage caused by reasons other than the platform shall be borne by the user.

9. “elonhouseware” registered user service information storage and restrictions
“elonhouseware” does not set a maximum upload limit for users to upload pictures, text and other related content on the platform, but this website has the right to judge whether the content uploaded complies with the regulations. Users abide by the terms and spirit of “elonhouseware” registered user services. If a user violates the Terms of Service and uploads inappropriate content, the account will be terminated. “elonhouseware” owns all copyrights for all content on this website. Reprinting of website content must be authorized by “elonhouseware”, otherwise it will be regarded as copyright infringement